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Valery Murumbei - Southridge High School

Valery Murumbei isn't sure yet whether she'll study teaching or business in college. Both career paths intrigue her in different ways.

But the Southridge High School senior, who's headed to Central Washington University after graduation, is a lot more certain about what she wants her life to look like in the future. 

"When I think of my future, I think of 'successful.' Whatever I do, I want to be successful, making sure I put my all into it," she said. "It's the person that I am. If I find something that I like, I'm going to go for it."

Valery also knows how important it is to have a network of caring people in your life, and she plans to work hard to build and nurture relationships.

When her family moved to the U.S. from Kenya when Valery was 8 years old, they built strong friendships and connections in their new home. "When I was writing graduation notes, I realized that I don't think I'd have even been able to graduate without some of those people. And they were strangers to us as at one point," she said.

So, "in the future, building and catering to those relationships is important – creating a community. And also being successful in whatever I do," she said. "I think if I'm happy and I feel like there are results coming in, that's how I measure success."