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2023 Strategic Student Goals Achievement Awards Announced

Kennewick School District is only as strong as the schools within our system. As a district, we have specific targets, focused on progress and growth, connected to each of our student goals. Each year, we recognize schools and staffs for their progress toward meeting these targets.

Please join us in recognizing the following inspiring accomplishments made by our schools. It takes teams working collaboratively to achieve these commendable results with students, and we are proud of the dedicated efforts of our schools' staffs who have championed these goals and made these results possible.

We have three recognition categories connected to our three student-focused goals in our Strategic Plan.

School Culture Awards

"Safe, Known and Valued"

At KSD, we know that in order for students to engage as learners, they need to feel safe, known and valued. Our district target is for 90% or more of our students to indicate that they feel safe, included, and welcomed at their school on the annual student survey. We recognize schools with 85% or more of their students feeling safe, known and valued.

90% - 93%

  • 93%  Mid-Columbia Partnership Online
  • 92%  Mid-Columbia Partnership
  • 91%  Endeavor High School
  • 91%  Vista Elementary
  • 90%  Sage Crest Elementary

86% - 89%

  • 89%  Westgate Elementary
  • 89%  Lincoln Elementary
  • 89%  Amon Creek Elementary
  • 88%  Southgate Elementary
  • 87%  Desert Hills Middle School
  • 87%  Cascade Elementary
  • 86%  Fuerza Elementary
  • 86%  Eastgate Elementary


  • Cottonwood Elementary
  • Hawthorne Elementary
  • Ridge View Elementary
  • Sunset View Elementary
  • Kennewick High School


"School Pride"

Our second School Culture award is the School Pride Award. We want students to feel proud to attend schools in KSD. We recognize schools where 85% or more of their students report that they feel proud to attend their school on the annual student survey.

94% - 96%

  • 96%  Vista Elementary
  • 94%  Westgate Elementary

90% - 93%

  • 93%  Lincoln Elementary
  • 93%  Hawthorne Elementary
  • 93%  Amon Creek Elementary
  • 92%  Sage Crest Elementary
  • 92%  Ridge View Elementary
  • 92%  Cottonwood Elementary
  • 91%  Eastgate Elementary
  • 90%  Washington Elementary
  • 90%  Fuerza Elementary

86% - 89%

  • 88%  Southgate Elementary 
  • 88%  Cascade Elementary
  • 86%  Mid-Columbia Partnership

Academic Growth Awards 

KSD has specific growth targets for reading and math for each grade level from kindergarten through grade 8. These targets are for academic growth on DIBELs, MAP and SBA standardized test assessments for reading/English language arts and on MAP and SBA for math. We want our students to be engaged learners who are making measurable gains in academic growth. We recognize elementary and middle schools who are 65% or more of the way to meeting student growth targets in reading and math.


English Language Arts (ELA) Growth

86%  Westgate Elementary

70% - 79%

  • 79%  Amon Creek Elementary
  • 77%  Cottonwood Elementary
  • 75%  Lincoln Elementary
  • 73%  Ridge View Elementary
  • 72%  Hawthorne Elementary
  • 71%  Mid-Columbia Partnership Online:  Elementary
  • 70%  Sage Crest Elementary


Math Growth

Westgate Elementary

Graduation Awards

Graduation Rates

Our district target is for 100% of our students to graduate within five years. This is, without a doubt, an ambitious target, and one for which we will continue to strive, because we refuse to give up on even one single student! We recognize high schools with 85% or more of their students graduating within four years and high schools with 90% or more of their students graduating within five years.

4-year Graduation Rate of 85% and Higher (Class of 2022):

Kamiakin High School - 85%

Kennewick High School - 89%

Mid-Columbia Partnership - 90+%


5-year Graduation Rate of 85% and Higher (Class of 2021)

Mid-Columbia Partnership - 90+%

Southridge High School - 90.7%

Kennewick High School - 91.3%

Kamiakin High School - 95.7%


Graduation Cohort Growth Rate

Finally, we recognize high schools whose cohort growth between the four-year and five-year graduation rate increased by 5% or more.

For the Class of 2021:

Southridge High School - 5.4%

Kamiakin High School - 7.4%