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Celebrate Our Retiring Staff Members

Kennewick School District is celebrating the dedication and contributions of our staff members retiring during the 2023-24 school year. A retirement celebration will be held from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. on May 15 at the Administration Center, 1000 W. 4th Ave., Kennewick. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Congratulations to our retirees!

Dave Arnim - Bus Diver
Jeanne Bakker – Nursing Chair
Julie Barney – Elementary Teacher
Michelle Beden – Lead Secretary
Diane Bell – Bus Driver
Gary Bosley – Elementary Librarian
Rhea Bowerly – Cook
*Becky Broadbent – Elementary Teacher
Guy Fleming – Psychologist
Neena Fouts - Middle School Teacher
Keiko Fuller - Paraeducator
*Kris Gilman – Middle School Teacher
Linda Goetz - Counselor
*Lesli Gray – Elementary Teacher
*Elizabeth Gregg – Paraeducator
Sherry Hayden – Cook
Gary Johnson – Custodial Services
Lisa Johnson – Custodian
Kristin Kirk – Elementary Teacher
Kim Lembeck – Elementary Principal
*Dawn Little Thunder – High School Teacher
Frank Maria – Crew Lead
Leroy Marks – Transportation
Leanna Mastaler – Elementary Teacher
*Tammy Neslin – High School Teacher
Dori O'neal – Bus Attendant
Stephen Oneil – Custodian
Donna Osborne – Nurse
Robert Peeler – Bus Driver
*Jill Pfeiffer – High School Teacher
Dave Pierce – Middle School Teacher
Latanya Robertson - Paraeducator
Scott Robertson – HVAC Technician
Susan Robinson –Paraeducator
Lydia Russert – Bus Attendant
Jannette Salisbury – High School Teacher and Instruction Coach
*Jeff Schlekewey – High School Teacher
Phillip Simpson – Elementary Teacher
Cynthia Swart – Kitchen Manager
*Anita Torres - Paraeducator
*Hermalinda Varela - Paraeducator
Virginia Watt - Paraeducator
Michael Way – Lead Computer App Support
Heidi Weisert-Peatow – Elementary Teacher
Dan White – High School Teacher
Wendi Woelber - Paraeducator
*Linda Zilar – Middle School Teacher

*Indicates that they will be attending the retirement celebration.