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2024 Presidential Scholar & Teacher Honored

Celebrating Excellence at Southridge High

We're excited to celebrate exceptional achievements at Southridge High School! Ashwin Joshi has been recognized as one of five scholars in Washington state to earn the honor of being recognized as a 2024 U.S. Presidential Scholar. Up to 161 students across the nation are selected for the honor each year. 

Of the more than 3.7 million students expected to graduate from high school this year, more than 5,700 qualified for the 2024 awards, and Joshi was selected based on his outstanding performance on the SAT or ACT.

Once selected as candidates, students complete essays and self-assessments and submit school evaluations and transcripts. A review committee, comprised of experts in secondary and postsecondary education, evaluates candidates on their academic achievement, personal characteristics, leadership and service activities, and an analysis of their essay. The White House Commission on Presidential Scholars selects the students who will receive the award.

Scholars are invited to name a teacher they consider the most influential in their knowledge, skills, and impact on the school community. These teachers are recognized as Distinguished Teachers as part of the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program, and Joshi nominated retired Southridge High School teacher, Jannette Salisbury.

Join us in applauding both Ashwin's and Jannette's incredible achievements!