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Kennewick High Assistant Principal Appointed by Governor Jay Inslee

Stacy Estes, assistant principal of Kennewick High School, has been appointed by Governor Jay Inslee to serve on the Washington State Commission on African American Affairs.

Estes began his term on June 26 and will serve for two terms through November 20, 2025. The commission was created in 1992 and consists of nine volunteer, governor-appointed members from across the state who participate in nine scheduled meetings per year.

The commission's purpose is to advocate for the state's African-American community by examining and defining issues relating to the rights and needs of African-Americans such as racial inequality, social justice and economic opportunity in their meetings. The commission makes recommendations to the governor, the legislature and state agencies in the form of proposed changes to state programs and laws.

It's an area that Estes is very passionate about. “When our African-American community is stronger, it makes every individual in it stronger by providing more power, more opportunities, more role models, and more hope."

He cited a quote from John Mbiti, the late Kenyan-born philosopher and writer, which reflects this idea: "Unity: I am because we are; and since we are, therefore, I am."

Estes said he feels that serving in this capacity and actively advocating for Washington's African-American communities enables him to better serve all students and staff of the Kennewick School District and greater Tri-City community.

Estes' career has been firmly grounded in service to his community through his extensive work in public education. He joined Kennewick School District in May 2022 after 11 years as assistant principal of Walla Walla High School and nine years as assistant principal of McLoughlin Middle School in Pasco before that. He's also served as dean of students and intervention coordinator at Pasco High School, taught special education in Pierce County's Bethel School District and served as an adjunct education professor at Washington State University Tri-Cities.

Please join us in congratulating Stacy Estes and his inspiring commitment to positive change. We are proud to have such an influential and passionate advocate within our Kennewick School District community.