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SEWASA Community Leadership Award Winner


Kennewick School District has awarded John Perkins, a dedicated community volunteer and advocate for public education, as this year’s SEWASA Community Leadership Award winner.

Perkins has been a sounding board for the district’s superintendents, administrators, and school boards throughout the years. His leadership, perspective and sound-decision making has guided the district through the development of 22 capital projects which include four completely new elementary schools, one new middle school and 17 other schools that were either remodeled or replaced, including the new Kennewick High School.

His service was driven by the belief that all Kennewick School District students deserved the best facilities to enhance their learning experience and that enhanced technologies must be part of the road map for facilities for both current and future students.

Perkins’ contributions began in the early 1990s when he developed a cohort survival model, creating comprehensive spreadsheets encompassing school conditions, enrollment projections, and other essential data for the district's 10-Year Capital Facilities Plan.

He recognized that to turn the district’s visions into a reality, it would require funding. He has helped manage the citizens’ committee and keep members updated about the status of capital projects and future. He has spent countless hours analyzing special election results to fully understand voting data to better inform the committee’s campaign strategies.

KSD is honored to have such an involved community member who gives their time, talents, and energy to make our schools the heart of our community.