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Action Team for Partnerships

Increasing student achievement through authentic family and community partnerships

In the Kennewick School District, we are dedicated to fostering authentic family and community partnerships through the Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) program. ATPs are central to enhancing student achievement while aligning with Title 1 parent involvement requirements, as mandated by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

This model for engagement comes from the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) from Johns Hopkins University. For more information on the NNPS program, visit

ATP's Role in School Advancement
Each ATP undertakes a critical mission: crafting a one-year plan that thoughtfully connects parent engagement practices with our school improvement objectives. These meticulously designed plans aim to elevate the educational experience for our students, ensuring they receive the necessary support for academic success.

Prioritizing Inclusivity and Collaboration

ATPs prioritize inclusivity and collaboration through:

  • Parent Representatives: ATPs include dedicated parent representatives who actively contribute to discussions, ensuring that the parent perspective guides our initiatives.

  • Community Collaboration: We recognize that all community members are essential collaborators valued for their support in providing resources for student learning, the latest in technology, and school facilities.

  • Family Surveys: We emphasize the importance of feedback from our families. ATPs regularly conduct surveys to gather insights, ensuring our strategies align with parents' specific needs and expectations.

  • Evaluations After Engagement Events: ATPs conduct comprehensive evaluations following engagement events to assess impact and gather feedback. This commitment guarantees our efforts remain effective and responsive to evolving community needs.

ATPs: Cultivating Excellence
These practices showcase the dedication of all ATPs, regardless of Title 1 designation. Every ATP diligently strives for excellence in fostering family and community partnerships, reinforcing our schools and propelling students toward greater success.

Enhancing Family & Community Engagement
Behind the scenes, several sources play a pivotal role in supporting ATPs' endeavors. Some of these sources include the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS), Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL), Flamboyan Foundation, Dual Capacity Framework, John Krownapple, Education Consultant, and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. These sources provide invaluable tools, guidelines, and a collaborative action team approach that significantly enhance family and community engagement. Their partnership amplifies our ability to cultivate a thriving and supportive learning environment.

Kennewick's Dedication to Student Success
In Kennewick School District, we prioritize ATPs for their significant impact on our educational landscape. Through their dedication to collaboration, engagement, and continuous improvement, we create a thriving learning environment for our students, ensuring every student succeeds and reaches their highest potential.

If you are interested in becoming a member of your school’s ATP, contact your child's principal and check out the ATP page on the school’s website. You may contact the chairperson directly or call (509) 222-5031 for more information. 

Kennewick's schools and programs with ATPs:

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Program Contacts

Paola Menjivar
Family & Community Engagement Manager
(509) 222-6422

Annabell Gonzalez
Schools Out Coordinator
(509) 222-6180