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Migrant & Multilingual

Helping students meet high academic challenges by overcoming obstacles

Our Migrant and Multilingual office oversees the state and federal programs that help migrant, immigrant and refugee students and youth in our district meet high academic challenges by overcoming obstacles created by frequent moves, educational disruption, cultural and language differences and health-related problems.


Parent Notifications

Family Resources

Immigrants & Refugees

Students who meet the following eligibility standards are defined as immigrants:

  • Children/youth ages 3 through 21.
  • Born outside of the United States and its territories.
  • Have attended school in the United States for less than three full academic years.

Student eligibility is verified from a student's enrollment forms and a Home Language Survey completed by parents/guardians.

Contact the district's Immigrant Support Coordinator at (509) 222-5094 about services and resources available to immigrant and refugee families and their children.

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Arabic | Russian | Somali

Interpretation Services

The district offers interpretation in Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Somali, Karen and Burmese to help parents in communicating with their child's school. Call (509) 222-5094 to request assistance.

Sarah Del Toro
Migrant/Multilingual Coordinator
(509) 222-6491

Nesreen Al Muzayen
Immigrant Support Coordinator
(509) 222-5094

Veronica Avila
Migrant Data Analyst
(509) 222-5910

Angela Chavez-Lara
Spanish Translator/Interpreter
(509) 222-6467

Maria Gonzalez
Secretary, Migrant/Multilingual
(509) 222-6694

Gabbie Reynoso
Parent Liaison
(509) 222-6615

Elizabeth Seymour De Cortes
Migrant Health Nurse
(509) 222-7771

Mayra Torres
Migrant Recruiter
(509) 222-5284

Migrant Health Nurse
(509) 222-7771