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Graduation Requirements & Pathways

Graduating Ready for Success

Whether deciding to pursue a career as a doctor or a machinist, serve in the military or enter the technology sector,  Kennewick School District students have numerous career choices post-high school.

Kennewick School District is providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue their dreams and demonstrate that no matter what path they pursue after high school, they are ready for work, continued education, and other opportunities.

Kennewick School District students are required to develop a High School & Beyond Plan, complete a Graduation Pathway and earn 24 high school credits in order to graduate.

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High School & Beyond Plan

The High School and Beyond Plan, a graduation requirement that students start in middle school, establishes a blueprint that builds toward a diploma and their long-term goals. Students outline how they will meet the high school graduation requirements and what they want to do after graduation. A student adjusts their plan throughout their high school journey, based on changing interests and goals. The plan is shared with parents/guardians during the annual student-led conferences. 

Middle & High School Credit Opportunities

To meet the 24 credit requirement, students take 17 foundational credits in math, English, science, social studies, arts, physical education, and career and technical education. They also take seven elective credits, including three personalized pathway credits, which are aligned to the student’s career goals and their High School and Beyond Plan. 

Earn 24 Credits

The credit requirements are flexible to ensure students achieve the skills and knowledge necessary to enter work or continued education – such as apprenticeships, certificate, and degree programs – and have the opportunity to explore their personal interests and courses aligned with their career goals.

Graduation Pathways

Students demonstrate their readiness to enter a postsecondary career or attend college by completing one of the eight required graduation pathways, which align to their High School and Beyond Plan: