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COVID-19 Safety


Kennewick School District is committed to the safety of our students, staff, families, visitors, and volunteers by following all of the current health and safety requirements from the Washington State Department of Health to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It is recommended that students and staff who show symptoms of COVID-19  stay home, and get tested for COVID-19. The district will continue to provide diagnostic optional free testing for students with parent/guardian permission for COVID-19 in schools (see Testing below).

Masks are optional in schools, buses and other school district buildings. We are committed to ensuring that individual rights and decisions are respected. Whether or not to wear a mask is an individual decision, and no one should make assumptions or comments regarding someone’s beliefs or health status. Free masks are available at the front office in each building.

Current Requirements:

  • The district will report COVID-19 staff and student cases and outbreaks on its COVID-19 Report Card (see below) by school/building location and work with Benton--Franklin Health District. (DOH)
  • All employees who have tested positive or are symptomatic for COVID-19 are required to isolate out of the workplace for at least 5 days. (L&I)
  • The district must notify employees of any exposures at work. (L&I)
  • The definition of outbreak is currently 5 or more cases (or 20% of a group) within a 7-day window that are epidemiologically linked and do not have other known outside exposure. (DOH)
  • The district must report COVID-19 outbreaks to (L&I)
  • Healthcare workers and others providing care or working near someone known or suspected to have COVID-19 should wear appropriate, fit-tested, and NIOSH-approved respirators. (L&I)

If you have questions regarding COVID-19 and the latest guidance, please contact your school nurse. 



Guidance to Prevent and Respond to COVID-19 in K-12 Schools and Child Cares, Washington State Department of Health (Updated Oct. 25, 2022)

What To Do If You Have Symptoms, Washington State Department of Health (Updated Feb. 7, 2023)



To reduce the spread of COVID-19, Kennewick School District offers free COVID-19 testing for staff and students at school. The testing program requires parent/guardian permission in PowerSchool, the district’s student record system. Permission must only be provided once per school year.

Households are encouraged to test as needed at home. In Washington state, you can receive free self-tests from the Say Yes! COVID Test program. Most insurance covers the costs of up to 8 self-tests per individual per month.  

COVID-19 Report Card

Kennewick School District maintains this COVID-19 Report Card of all positive reported cases by building. This report is updated by 4:30 p.m. each Friday (except during school vacation times). 

Note: This report is not an official health department report and there may be positive cases not reported to the district.