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Classroom Science

Providing relevant, rigorous and engaging instruction

What's Happening In Kennewick Schools

Here's your hub for the latest district news and in-depth stories about our students, staff, programs and schools.

Committed To Continuous Improvement

The strength of our Kennewick community provides our district with its strong foundation. Working with families, community, and staff to support student success, we can help students achieve their highest potential. 


All students are safe, known and valued, engaged learners and ready for their future.


Families are key partners and family engagement is key to student


All staff members are safe, respected
and valued professionals.

Why I Chose Kennewick School District

Each of our team members, including teachers, specialists, paraeducators, administrators, secretaries, bus drivers, cooks, cashiers, and maintenance staff, are a crucial part of KSD’s vibrant learning community. Learn why people choose to launch their careers at Kennewick School District.

Building Great Schools & Community

We strive to build high-performance schools and provide facilities that create an optimal learning environment.

New Ridge View Elementary School

Ridge View Elementary will be replaced (new-in-lieu) on the same site and expanded to 30 classrooms. Construction will begin in June 2022.

“our schools are the heart of our community and we are committed to the success of all students.”superintendent dr. traci pierce