School Boundaries

Elementary, Middle and High School Boundaries

The interactive maps below show the elementary, middle and high school boundaries. If you are unable to determine your boundary school or have questions, call (509) 222-5000. 

UPDATE: Elementary Boundary Adjustments Coming in 2018-19

Kennewick School District will hold community meetings during the fall 2017 to discuss options for adjusting elementary school boundaries effective for the 2018-19 school year. The adjustments are in preparation for the opening of Elementary #16 at Clearwater Creek and the Dual Language Elementary #17 in August 2018. Please note that not all Kennewick elementary school boundaries will be adjusted. Changes will primarily affect some of the elementary school boundaries in central and west Kennewick.

Boundary Timeline

  • Sept. 6 - Preliminary boundary proposals presented to School Board
  • Sept. 12 - School PTO Officer Focus Group
  • Sept. 26 - Community presentation
  • Oct. 3 - Community presentation
  • Oct. 9 - Community presentation
  • Oct. 12 - Community presentation
  • Oct. 25 - Report to School Board on feedback from community meetings
  • Nov. 8 - School Board makes boundary decision