COVID-19 Report Card

COVID-19 Report Card

Kennewick School District is posting data on reported positive cases of COVID-19 in school district buildings since the start of the school year. We encourage anyone who tests positive, and has been onsite at a district facility, to let a district administrator or school nurse know so any necessary contact tracing happens and necessary notifications are sent.

Identifying Close Contacts
When the school learns about a positive case, the school COVID-19 coordinator and nurse work to identify and notify any close contacts in the building. If an individual is a close contact, the parent/guardian or individual will be contacted with further instructions. If they are not contacted, there is nothing further they need to do.

Close contact is defined as within 6 feet for a cumulative total of 15 or more minutes over a 24-hour period with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 during the infectious period.

COVID-19 Notifications
If the individual who tested positive was physically present in a district building within the past 14 days of when the case was reported to the district, email notifications will be sent to building staff and families who have students attending in-person classes at that location. Those cases also are recorded to the COVID-19 Report Card.

Classroom Closure
If it may be necessary to temporarily close a classroom or school for cleaning and sanitizing. If this occurs, families and staff will be notified and further information will be provided about how classes will be conducted during that time.

COVID-19 Testing
One of the best ways to decrease the spread of COVID-19 is to get tested. Getting tested does NOT increase the amount of disease in our community. Adequate testing allows for early identification of cases, quick isolation and decreases transmission rates. For the latest information about testing sites and available free testing, check the Benton-Franklin Health District website.

On-Site Persons Reporting Positive Tests

UPDATED: April 9, 2021

DISCLAIMER: The list below includes positive cases that are reported to the school district by staff, families, school nurses, school COVID-19 coordinators, and the health department. There may be positive cases that are not included. If you know of a positive case that is not included on the list, please contact your school nurse or COVID-19 coordinator. The data below is NOT official data from the Benton-Franklin Health District. Data may change or be adjusted as new information is received by the district. The report card reflects cases where the individual was physically present in a district building within the past 14 days of when the case was reported to the district.

For comprehensive data on confirmed positive cases in Benton County, please check the Benton-Franklin Health District website. 

Positive Cases Reported This Week
(From 4/5 to 4/11)

Positive Cases Reported Last Two Weeks
(From 3/22 to 4/4)

Total Reported
(Since 9/01/2020)
1 29 360

Date Reported

Last Day On Site


Cohort/Classroom Quarantine 

Positive Staff Cases Reported

Positive Student Cases Reported

Positive Non-District Individual Cases Reported

4/2/2021 3/26/2021 Eastgate Elementary 1
4/2/2021 3/30/2021 Amon Creek Elementary 2
4/2/2021 3/31/2021 Kennewick High School 1
4/7/2021 4/2/2021 Transportation 1

Archived COVID-19 Reports

August 2020-March 2021