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Safety & Security

Reporting safety Concerns

If you are a student or a parent/legal guardian with a safety concern,  report it to a school principal as soon as possible. 

Kennewick School District offers students, families and community members the ability to submit safety concerns by phone, email and text message, as well as through a form on the district website. Reports of harassment, intimidation, bullying and cyber-bullying may also be submitted online.

Report a Concern

Programs & Prevention

Kennewick School District is committed to providing a safe learning environment for students. Our goal that every student is safe, known, and valued focuses on both physical and social-emotional safety. When students are physically and emotionally safe, they are better able to learn and achieve at high levels. The district's Safety Team, facilitated by the superintendent, meets regularly to coordinate safety efforts across multiple departments. As a school district, our safety and security efforts include:

Physical Safety

Social-Emotional Safety