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Personalized Tutoring Available for Students Grades K-12

In an effort to support student success, accelerate learning and make gains on any learning loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennewick School District has partnered with Varsity Tutors to offer families up to two hours per week of free online one-on-one private tutoring for each student in grades K-12 during the 2022-23 school year. 

Registration opens on Sept. 19 and tutoring begins on Oct. 3.

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Benefits of Varsity Tutors:

  • Private one-on-one instruction for various subjects by highly qualified tutors
  • Access to two hours of tutoring a week for the school year
  • Personalized instruction – tutors customize lessons and present concepts in engaging, easy-to-understand ways. Tutoring is available to assist with academic areas (algebra, elementary math, history, reading/phonics, biology, physics, writing and more), test prep or enrichment classes
  • Tutoring can start as soon as 48-72 hours after registration

More Information

Tutoring Flyer (English and Spanish)

Watch this video to learn more.


On-Demand Tutoring for grades 9-12

New this school year is on-demand tutoring for students in grades 9-12. High school students can now get one-on-one support 24/7 from an expert tutor.

On-demand tutoring can help students with homework help, exam preparation and writing review any time of the day.

More Information

On-Demand Tutoring: How it Works (English)
On-Demand Tutoring: How it Works (Spanish)

Chat with a Tutor

Learn how to get 24/7 live study support and homework help with On-Demand Tutoring from Varsity Tutors for Schools.

Watch the video in Spanish

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