Supporting families with educational opportunities and resources

Kennewick School District's Mid-Columbia Partnership (MCP) program supports families by providing quality educational opportunities and resources for students in grades K through 12 that enriches the student learning experience. MCP partners with families to provide a quality education for children in a safe, professional, family-friendly environment.  

MCP operates under the authority of the State of Washington and the laws pursuant to an alternative learning experience (WAC 392-121-182).  MCP is a public school program that values its role as a partner to parents in their child’s education. As a part of the Kennewick School District there are no costs to participate.

MCP's staff is made up of certificated and community partners who have made a commitment to our program and its philosophies. MCP is set up around the needs and desires of our families while still meeting the laws that govern us as a public school program. 

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