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Business and Finance

2022-23 Budget Hearing

The Kennewick School District No. 17 has completed the budget for the 2022-2023 school year and the budget is now on file in the Administration Building located at 1000 W. 4th Avenue. A copy of the budget is posted at and will also be furnished to any Kennewick School District taxpayer upon request.

The Board of Directors will meet on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room of the Administration Building for the purpose of fixing and adopting the budget of the District for the ensuing fiscal year including projections for the following 3 years. Any Kennewick School District taxpayer may appear at the meeting and be heard for or against any part of the budget. 

MANAGING District Finances

KSD is a fast-growing district, with more than 18,000 students in 30 schools. Our department works to be good stewards of public trust and district resources by responsibly managing the district’s annual budget. We also oversee accounts payable processing, monthly financial and accounting reports, district grants and the district fund investment.

We are here to support our schools, families, staff and community. Please contact us if you need more information about the district’s finances or business processes. 

Bond and Levy Rates, Budget and More

Department Contacts

Main Phone Number: (509) 222-5040

Vic Roberts
Executive Director of Business Operations
(509) 222-6673

Brandon Lord
Fiscal Officer
(509) 222-7673

Holly Veach
Business Office Manager
(509) 222-6435

Andres Castille
Systems Analyst
(509) 222-7676

Tammy Weyer
Accounts Payable (A-J)
(509) 222-6530

Shirley Jackson
Accounts Payable (K-Z)
(509) 222-6533

Heather Cherry-Roberts
Accounts Payable, ASB, & eFunds Receipting
(509) 222-6532

Mollie Lutz
Safety & Loss Prevention Specialist
(509) 222-6432

Dave Croney
Business Analyst
(509) 222-6589