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Measuring student progress and achievement

Student assessment in the Kennewick School District provides clear, meaningful and balanced information about student learning. Assessment serves the needs of students, teachers, parents, administrators and the community by:

  • Showing student progress toward meeting Washington State K-12 Learning Standards.
  • Guiding district and classroom improvement efforts.
  • Clarifying what students are expected to know and be able to do.

Types of Assessments

Balanced Assessment Plan

Formative Assessments

are standards-based processes used by teachers and students during instruction that provide actionable feedback that is used to adjust instruction and learning strategies during the learning.

Think: Assessment FOR Learning.

Summative Assessments

are standards-based. They
generally happen after
instruction and used to evaluate student learning or determine grades.

Think: Assessment OF Learning.

Balanced assessment systems use a variety of standards-based assessments – formative and summative – to drive the teaching and learning process, making effective decisions about what comes next for learning, program effectiveness, and closing achievement gaps.

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Department Contacts

Main Phone Number: (509) 222-5060

Alyssa St. Hilaire
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
(509) 222-5060

Kristi Lakey
(509) 222-6579

Tina Brewer
Director of  Professional Development and Assessment
(509) 222-6490

Amy Graham
Data Analyst
(509) 222-6418

Brent Sharp
K-12 IT Coordinator
(509) 582-6777

Jolene Carlson
(509) 222-6593