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Facility Services


NOTICE IS HEREBY given that the Kennewick School District has drafted a Lead in Drinking Water Action Plan as required by the State Department of Health.

Action Description: Per the recent passage of RCW 28A.210.410, which requires that each drinking water outlet be tested for lead in all public schools built, or with all plumbing replaced, before 2016, School Districts are required to complete initial sampling and testing between July 1, 2014, and July 31, 2026, requiring an adopted Action Plan to address testing and replacement of fixtures testing above the 5 ppb maximum.

Public Comment: Interested parties may view the Lead In Water Drinking Water Action Plan on the KSD website at

View the Plan

Comment Period: The public is invited to comment on this Lead In Water Drinking Action Plan by submitting written comments to the e-mail address listed below. To be considered all comments must be received by KSD by the close of business on March 21, 2022.

For more information regarding this Lead In Drinking Water Action Plan, please contact:

Ryan Jones
Capital Projects Manager
Phone: (509) 222-6810

Keeping Our Facilities Clean and Safe

Our crew in the Facility Services Department are often found behind the scenes working hard to ensure a safe, clean and effective learning and working environment for students, teachers and staff. 

With over 130 employees — including custodians and maintenance and grounds crew members — the facilities team maintains the district’s schools, buildings and grounds — doing everything from classroom cleanup, to repairs, to snow removal. 

Language Translation Available

If you need language translation for any of the documents listed on this page, contact Federal Programs at (509) 222-5031.

Department Contacts

Main phone number: (509) 222-5070

Eric Bruce
Manager of Maintenance & Grounds
(509) 222-7027


Jack Manis
Grounds Supervisor
(509) 222-6927

Polly Silvas
Facilities Scheduling
(509) 222-5211

Carol Fannin
(509) 222-6535

Tracy Bryant
(509) 222-6535